Ljós Blikk-pökkur 6-í-setti S-Flare

Samstillanleg aðvörunarljós, ljóspökkur x6
– hægt að nota ljósin sjálfstæð eða láta þau blikka í röð

Endurhlaðanleg viðvörunarljós með 16 LED perum og segli á baki, með allt að 15klst endingu.
Vatnsþétt og höggþolið.
Sést í 800m fjarlægð
5 mismunandi ljós-munstur

Taskan er hleðslustöð

Stærð: 108 x 92 x 30 mm
Þyngd: 180 gr/stykkið

49.990 kr.

Availability: Á lager

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S-flares® are must-have tool for any rescue and medical emergency team as well as for high way law enforcement professionals. They are perfect for car accident perimeter marking, rescue site marking and Air Evac helipad marking. Among other uses they are also a valuable tool in marking obstacles, highlighting temporary emergency routes and even can be used on top of the vehicles. They are quick and easy to deploy and provide warning plus directional information not available with other flares on the market. The sturdy design consist of rubber enforced case protecting the disc against elements like water and dust (IP66). S-flares® are unsinkable and can be easily attached to any metal surface with a built-in magnet. The light is generated by long-life LEDs with two colors: amber and bright red. Different light modes allow to choose the best light for specific conditions with a high light output that can be seen for up to 800 meters at night. Improve safety and direct traffic with S-flares® sequential technology. Radio connected warning discs are coordinated to flash sequentially or simultaneously to provide advanced warning of a work zone, incident, assistance vehicles, or event. Alert drivers earlier, reduce confusion and enhance traffic safety with S-flares® sequential approach lights. Built-in gyroscopic sensor recognizes disc’s position and activates LEDs to illuminate proper surface. The set of 6 S-flares® discs comes in a sturdy case that also serves as a charging base. Simply place the discs in the case and connect to the outlet. The set comes with a 230V charger and a 12V charger.

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