Ljósamastur 5,5m m rafstöð 4x150w

Ljósamastur með rafstöð og 4x 150w LED ljósum

Lýsing: 4x 150w LED
Mastur: allt að 5,5m
Ljósflötur: 2600 m2
Rafall: 4,2 kVA
Mótor: Yanmar L70, 1 cil, 3000 rpm
– Loftkæling
Tankur: 20 L
Eyðsla: 0,5 L/Klst

Þyngd: 350 kg

1.999.950 kr.

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Vörunúmer: tsr 9993 Vöruflokkar: ,

Designed for versatility and simplicity of handling, making it suitable for applications of the small external working area.

The application of LED technology on lighting towers is oriented towards to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, improving at the same time the performance and life of the lamps.

Unlike metal halide lamps, LED headlights provide:

Instant lighting without waiting for overheating
Up to 60% fuel savings compared to the metal halide or halogen
Lamps life five times longer compared traditional ones.
Up to 40.000 working hours
Low environmental impact with about 50% CO2 reductions
Less spare parts replacement

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