Gátskjöldur fellanlegur hægri/vinstri

Fellanlegur gátskjöldur hægri/vinstri
– Hvítur rauður
– Endurskin RA 1/A

– 24 x 80 cm
– 31 x 65 cm
Heildarstærð samanbrotinn
125 x 31 x 11,5 cm (L x Br x H)
Þyngd: 8,9 kg

17.097 kr.

Availability: Á lager

Vörunúmer: sc 36080 Vöruflokkar: ,

Folding panel

For universal and quick securing of construction sites.

·film area protected by outer edge
·extremely robust folding mechanism with two joints
·panel double-walled, thus particularly stable
·ergonomic carrying handles on panel and base plate
·base plate with anti-slip system, therefore no slipping on the construction site
·folds up intact after a crash and thus minimizes the safety risk enormously
·film red / white

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