Ljóskastari DualBeam 4500lm

Vandaður ljóskastari með tveim sjálfstæðum ljósflötum.
– 4500lm

Notar 14,8v / 5200mAh hleðslurafhlöðu
Ending: Allt að 12klst
– lýsir allt að 80 m

Stærð: 288 x 176 x 131 mm
Þyngd: 2,1 kg

45.348 kr.

Availability: Á lager

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The DualBEAM workshop mini floodlight was designed for use in industrial facilities, workshops and construction sites. The lamp’s design incorporates two independent heads that can be moved up to 180 degrees and a tiltable (90 degree) stand. DualBEAM’s versatility makes it an exceptionally practical tool for all kinds of work. The floodlight can generate up to 4500 lumens with its 120 LEDs. The maximal operating time in economic mode, with one battery charge, is 12 hours. DualBEAM is powered by an external battery that is connected to its housing. The lamp is made from durable and hard plastic that guarantees adequate protection against physical damage and IP54 class means the device is well protected against ingress of water and dirt. The device’s upper part is integrated with a carrying handle which can also serve as a hook. Similarly, the rotating base has profiled legs for putting the lamp in a desired position.

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