Vinnuljós RoundBeam 1000lm

RoundBeam 360° fljóðljós
– með microUSB hleðslu og USB hleðslubanka
Vandað ljós sem gefur góða vinnulýsingu sem ekki stingur í augun.

Ending: 1klst 30mín
– allt að 24klst á lágmarks-lýsingu (60lm)

Stærð: Ø74 x 258 mm
Þyngd: 470 gr

18.306 kr.

Availability: Á lager

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The ROUNDBEAM workshop lamp is a hand-held light for use in industrial facilities, workshops and construction sites. The lamp’s main advantage is the special design of the head that allows illuminating the space around the device. A potentiometer that is integrated with the switch allows to adjust light intensity from 60 to 1000 lumens, to best match the working conditions and to extent the operating time even up to 24 hours with one battery charge. The battery’s charge level is shown by an indicator in the lamp’s handle. The device can be recharged via a MicroUSB cable and can function as a power bank, too. RoundBEAM is made from durable and hard plastic that guarantees adequate protection against physical damage and IP54 class means the device is well protected against ingress of water and dirt. The device is a truly universal design. The flat and profiled rear part allows placing it in an upright position. The magnet in the bottom part serves to attach the lamp to metal surfaces. Additionally, the device has a built-in hook for hanging it.

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