Rykgríma m.ventli 10stk FFP3 R D

Einföld rykgrima með ventli FFP3
10stk í pakka / 360 í kassa
– 1stk = 10 stykkja pakki

2.995 kr.

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Vörunúmer: ox x310sv Vöruflokkar: ,

The filtering half mask X 310 SV FFP3 R D is composed of the following elements:
– A multi-layered filtration material: polypropylene
– A nose clip to shape the half mask at the nose
– Exhalation valve
– Head bands made of braided rubber thread
– Plastic fastenings of the head bands
– Nose seal made of polyurethane foam
– Internal lining improving tightness and comfort of use.
The half mask is designed in such a way as to enable easy breathing throughout the work shift. The anatomical shape and the nose clip, as well as the internal sealing foam, make the half mask easy to fit to most face shapes, so that the necessary tightness can be ensured.

The respirator X 310 SV FFP3 R D is designed to protect respiratory system against harmful effect of dust, solid and liquid aerosols when OEL is =0,05 mg/m3 and the concentration of dispersed phase of aerosol does not exceed 30 x OEL (Occupational Exposure Limit),
APF=30 (Assigned Protection Factor), NPF=50 (Nominal Protection Factor).

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