Tjakkaðir Búkkar Br150 H170-300cm

Upptrektir vinnupalla-búkkar, galvaníseraðir.
Tjakkaðir upp með sveif

Hæð: 1,7 – 3,0 m
Breidd: 1,5 m
Burðargeta: 1.600 kg

81.958 kr.

Availability: Á lager

Crank-operated scaffolding jack
K1500 galvanized
the foot frame gives the scaffolding support stability on any ground the height of the top frame can be adjusted as needed by turning the slip-on crank. You can find the crank further down in this product range (Part-No. 1280), the rotary movement of the crank is transformed into an up-and-down movement of the top frame by shaft and star wheel. Supporting tube of 80 mm x 40 mm square tube, round tube sockets (Ø 48.3 mm) welded on both sides hold the railing post as fall arrester or for mounting the top frame Load: 1600 kg

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