Vasaljós SIRIUS M10 1000lm

SIRIUS M10 er minnsta og nettasta vasaljósi í flotanum. En hrikalega öflugt engu að síður eða 1000 lumen
– Vatnshelt IPx8
Lýsir allt að 100m

Öflugt vasaljós með fimm stillingum
– 1000lm = 50mín
– 140lm = 2klst
– 40lm = 6klst 30mín
– 5lm = 100klst
– Blikkljós

Notar 1x 16340 hleðslurafhlöðu
– 3,7V 650mAh

– Beltisklemma
– Úlnliðsól
– Micro USB hleðslusnúra

Stærð: Ø56 x 20 mm
Þyngd: 44,5 gr

25.017 kr.

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EDC Sirius flashlights were designed for survival enthusiasts, people always looking forward for another adventure. The Sirius M10 is the family’s smallest model, at only 44.5 g. But do not be fooled by its tiny size. The device features a 1000 lumen rated XP-L HI LED capable of illuminating the surroundings at a distance of up to 100 m. A true maverick in the world of portable lighting. A flashlight the size of a small finger, easily held in every pocket, backpack or jacket. An important pieced of your EDC gear. The flashlight’s controller also has weaker lighting modes that ensure a longer operating time with one recharge – up to 6.4 hours at 100 lumens. The Sirius M10 remembers the last used mode and uses an interlock for preventing accidental activation. The flashlight’s 16340 battery can be recharged via a magnetic cable connected to a USB socket / adapter. The flashlight’s elegant housing in coyote brown is knurled for better grip with dirty or begloved hands. The product’s protection class is IPX8. The device comes with a clip for attaching it to various pieces of garment or equipment and a magnetic charging cable.

HIGH 1000 lm, 100 m, 2552 cd – 50 min
MEDIUM 140 lm, 40 m, 472 cd – 2 h
LOW 40 lm, 20 m, 100 cd – 6 h 30 min
FIREFLY 3 lm – 100 h
STROBO 1000 lm – n/d

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