Göngubrú Samanbrjótanleg 4,5m

Lengd: 4,5 metrar
Hæð: 1 m
Breidd: 1 m
Þyngd: 96 kg

499.995 kr.

Availability: Á lager

Vörunúmer: sc 20284 Vöruflokkar: ,

Aluminium trench bridge
For save crossing of ditches and canals.

·completely made of aluminium
·with access ramp for wheelchairs, prams, etc.
·floor cover of anti-slip aluminium checker plate (3/4 mm) and skirting of square section and firmly bolted to the supporting construction
·the side rails are equippet with red-white-red reflecting stripes and can be folded down for space saving transport and storage
·carry handles on both sides allow an ergonomical handling
·4 angles for stacking allow a safe transport and storage
·bridge can be saved on ground by ground pegs
·Load: 200 kg/m²

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