Handlukt SlimBeam 800lm

Höggþolið og vatnshelt hleðsluljós.
Lítil og nett 800lm handlukt með segli og krók

– Top-ljós, 55lm: 23klst 30mín
– Aðalljós, fullur styrkur, 800lm: 2klst 30mín
– Aðalljós, mið-styrkur, 490lm: 7klst 30mín
– Aðalljós, lág-styrkur, 255lm: 12klst

Lýsir allt að 36 m
Hleðslutími: 6klst 30mín

Stærð: 19 x 54 x 180 mm
Þyngd: 234 gr

18.990 kr.

Availability: Á lager

Vörunúmer: ma pwl0101 Vöruflokkar: , , ,

The SlimBEAM workshop flashlight is a handy light designed for industry, workshops and construction sites. The neon yellow housing conceals two light panels, and the angle-adjustable base makes it easy to direct the light output in the right direction. It is equipped with a magnet for attaching to metal surfaces and a hook for hanging. The flashlight emits a maximum light output of 800 lumens and a range of 36 meters. The built-in battery is powered by a USB port.

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