Ljóskeila 360° MBerg 2.0 230V

MBerg 2.0 360° fljóðljós
Vandað ljós sem gefur góða vinnulýsingu sem ekki stingur í augun.

Straumur: 230V (24W)
Lýsing: 2450 lm / 5000K
6mtr snúra

Stærð: Ø21 x 22 cm
Þyngd: 1,7 kg

17.424 kr.

Availability: Á lager

Vörunúmer: tsr el21205065 Vöruflokkar: ,

Very robust work light for hard use at construction sites. Light-weight MBerg has socket and 6m connection cable for daisy chaining lights.

The heart of MBerg light is LED module that is of our own design. All of the components on the module are very light and small and therefore even hard impact won’t make them tear off or break.

There is a good hook on the light from which it is easy to hang. You can also fasten the light from the holes in the handle.

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